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our restaurant

A bit of history and a pinch of tradition

Restaurant Paloma REST is a natural continuation of our traditions and family values, which have been embodied in the walls of Paloma house during the last ten years.

We conceived our small restaurant not only as an integral part of our mini-hotel for its guests, but also as a place for meetings and business lunches in a calm atmosphere, closest to home, facilitating the most comfortable holding of business negotiations and corporate events, and family meetings, and important events.

Naturally, the guests of our mini-hotel use the services of our restaurant. We also arrange delivery of food and drinks to order in the city.

However, the very idea of our restaurant, of course, is not limited only by the calm and cozy paradigm of events or events that you can spend in our restaurant. We also organize weddings, birthdays and many other more dynamic events than just an evening dinner with your family or a romantic dinner with your beloved one.

The "schtick" of the

main hall

of our restaurant is the triple projection screen. Of course, you will not be able to feel the full effect of being present at the stadium during a football match or watching a movie in the cinema, but at the stadium or in the cinema you can not so tastefully eat in the comfortable armchair at your table. And all this is more than offset by the home atmosphere of the restaurant.

We also organize thematic, retrospective evenings, karaoke, etc. The configuration of the main hall is easily reconstructed into the dance floor.


banquet halls

No. 1 и No. 2 ideally fit to run corporate evenings and business meetings.

We are located here: 

Ukraine, Kharkov, Yaroslavskaya str.13 

Contacts / Bookings

Телефони: +380 (66) 579-40-99
               +380 (50) 969-17-47

We wait for you every day from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.